What can YOU do to ensure your auto transport process goes smoothly?

Most people who decide to enlist the aid of a reputable auto transport company have little to no experience in the industry.  For this reason, they are at the complete mercy of the company they decide to hire.  While the vast majority of companies will help you through the process from beginning to end, others may not be quite as forthcoming which can lead to a less than stellar experience.  There are some general rules and guidelines you can follow in order to ensure a stress-free and painless experience.

  1. Make the right decision from the start.  When the need to move a vehicle arises, there are a couple options you may choose to utilize.
    1. Hiring a driver.  This is a good option when the distance is too long for you to drive, but not quite long enough to warrant using a vehicle carrier.  Hiring a driver tends to be less expensive and somewhat quicker, but there tends to be more risky factors inherently in doing so.  The driver may not carry the proper insurance, which could leave you at risk for liability in the event of an accident.  There may even be higher risk of an accident if the driver is not competent and experienced enough.
    2. Hiring a carrier.  This is the best option when the vehicle needs to travel a considerable distance.  It is much safer and dependable than hiring a driver, and while more expensive, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the best hands possible from start to finish.  Remember that you can request a customized quote to ensure you are not paying extra for things you don’t need, such as an enclosed carrier in some situations.
  2. Begin the process early.  By starting your research AT LEAST a month before you need your vehicle shipped, you will allow yourself adequate time to compare auto quotes and negotiate the best possible rate available.  Waiting until the last minute will most definitely guarantee that you will be stressed out trying to find an affordable auto transport company on such short notice.  It will also leave much less room for negotiation when you have an impending deadline.
  3. Stay organized.  Auto transport companies are not responsible for personal items in your vehicle, and many will even charge more because the weight of the vehicle can be increased.  Make sure your vehicle is empty of all valuables, and that the gas tank is only between 1/8 and ¼ full as dictated by the company you choose.  You will also want to make copies of all important documents, and make sure you have on hand your original vehicle title, registration, photo ID, and insurance papers at all times.
  4. Complete the process.  You may think that you’re off the hook once you receive your car at the final destination, but it is very important to inspect your vehicle closely, making note of any new blemishes or any obvious damage.  It also important to notate the mileage, both before and after the shipment, as any large discrepancies should immediately be brought to the attention of the auto transport company.

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