Why Use an Auto Shipping Company?

When deciding to enlist the help of an auto transport company, many may wonder why the need is even there.  After all, wouldn’t it be much more cost-efficient to just drive the vehicle from point A to point B yourself?  Of course, that answer is rendered obsolete if the vehicle you are shipping is either non-operational or simply cannot be relied upon to drive a long distance safely.  However, if you have a vehicle in good condition and you feel up to a long drive, you may contemplate attempting the trip yourself.

The obvious cost of making the drive would be gas, and gas alone; or so it would seem at first.  Of course, this would be the only perceived cost if you are able to make the drive with no overnight stops.  If you do need to stop along the way, please also factor in the cost of lodging and food while en route.

You must also look at the possible damage that can be inflicted on your vehicle during a road trip to fully get a broader picture of additional charges you may be unexpectedly hit with, either on the journey, or as a result of the long drive.  For instance, through no fault of your own, you may end up in a car accident, and you would then need to deal with the hassle of insurance and the paperwork involved in that process, which can be a headache in itself.  You must also take into account the wear and tear put on your car when adding that many miles in one fell swoop.  Most vehicles are not built for long, monotonous drives, and this can lead to a variety of mechanical problems in the long run.

You may also encounter another unexpected roadblock, such as a flat tire, which can slow down your progress anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on where it happens.  Of course, as with any long distance trip, there is no accounting for acts of God, which can impede your progress even more so.

Now, all of these obstacles do not even take into account the issues that come along with a lengthy road trip for you, the driver.  Many people, especially in the midst of a major move, can simply not afford to take the time it would require to drive their vehicle from the starting point to the final destination.  You may also find that long drives can wreak havoc on your body, and you can suffer from major exhaustion, or even a much more debilitating and frustrating condition, such as boredom.

This is not to say that EVERY situation requires the help of an auto transport company.  If it makes more sense to drive your vehicle a mere 2 hours from point A to point B, then by all means, save yourself some money and do it.  Just be sure to weigh out the costs and benefits before you get behind the wheel.  Because once you find yourself in a sticky situation, in the middle of nowhere, with a flat tire and a dead cell phone battery, it may be just too late to call for back-up.

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